The Pristine Victoria Falls Society is a community-based project established with the objective of turning Victoria Falls into the CLEANEST, GREENEST CITY IN AFRICA.

Pristine Victoria Falls Society We are dependent on the natural world that surrounds Victoria Falls.

It provides our jobs and our homes.

It is the most precious thing we have and we need to preserve it.
a A clean city is somewhere in which the whole community can take pride.

A clean city helps to preserve our unique eco-systems.
Take Responsibility
A clean city is essential for the tourism economy on which Victoria Falls depends attracting more visitors and creating more jobs.

A clean city attracts investment in infrastructure and development.
A Clean City Benefits Us All
A clean city provides the best, sustainable environment for present and future generations of residents, visitors and animals alike.

Tourists travel to Victoria Falls to see thriving wildlife in a beautiful, unspoilt environment not one blighted by excess rubbish.
Do Not Litter
A clean city teaches our children how important it is for their futures to care about their environment now.

A clean city is a fundamental sign of a prosperous, healthy community.
Use Bins Provided