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Navigating the Recycling Conundrum in Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls grapples with a unique challenge in implementing recycling programs. While the region generates a substantial amount of waste, predominantly 75% plastic, posing threats to both community health and wildlife, the scale is insufficient to attract commercial recycling entities. This dilemma creates a complex scenario where the need for recycling is evident, yet the economics remain a hurdle.

In principle, individuals can benefit financially from recycling efforts, creating a seemingly advantageous situation. However, the specificity required by most commercial plastic recyclers, especially in Zimbabwe, adds layers of complexity. The separated and compacted plastic must be transported over 1000km to Harare, limiting the feasibility of large-scale recycling initiatives in Victoria Falls. Currently, only a small percentage of consumed plastic undergoes recycling.

While endorsing any organization committed to recycling or plastic reduction, Pristine Victoria Falls Society actively promotes two initiatives.

1. Ele-Collection: Pioneering Plastic Transformation

Ele-Collection, led by a group of local entrepreneurs, endeavors to establish a pilot recycling plant in Victoria Falls. Noteworthy about their proposed facility is its capability to process all types of plastics, converting them into building aggregate, specifically gravel. The potential success of this plant promises a significant breakthrough in plastic recycling and collection, offering genuine financial incentives for communities to actively engage in plastic collection.

2. Eco-Drop: A Sustainable Approach to Plastic Reduction

Eco-Drop, while not a traditional recycling program, takes a distinctive approach to reducing plastic water bottle consumption. Recognizing the environmental impact of single-use plastic bottles, particularly water bottles, Eco-Drop provides a solution by offering cold, clean, purified water in refill stations throughout Victoria Falls. This initiative addresses not only the reduction of plastic waste but also the prevalent issue of clogged drainage systems caused by discarded bottles. As a preventive measure, Eco-Drop encourages members, residents, tour operators, and visitors to support their cause, contributing to a significant reduction in plastic consumption.

In the pursuit of a cleaner and more sustainable Victoria Falls, Pristine Victoria Falls Society actively encourages community members to engage with and support these initiatives, recognizing the importance of collective efforts in overcoming the recycling conundrum.


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