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Fostering Long-Term Sustainability: A Crucial Pillar

In our relentless pursuit of a sustainable future for Victoria Falls, we recognize the pivotal role education plays as possibly the most crucial pillar. Success in this endeavor is not merely measured by cleaner streets but by a transformative shift in the mindset of the community. Our triumph will be evident when the majority of Victoria Falls residents not only deem littering and dumping as antisocial but actively discourage such behavior in others.

The Educational Blueprint: “10 Reasons for a Clean City”

At the heart of our education program lies a simple yet powerful document – “10 Reasons Why Everybody Benefits from a Clean City,” commonly referred to as our doctrine document. This foundational piece guides our efforts, targeting not only schools but the broader community. While the schools program delves deeper into the long-term impacts of plastic and toxic waste, emphasizing the advantages of recycling, the community program strategically centers around the doctrine document. This approach ensures that our message resonates with the widest possible audience.

Shaping Behaviors: A Focus on the Adult Population

While instilling the necessity and benefits of a clean green environment is crucial for the younger generation, the immediate shift in behavior patterns must come from the adult population to realize our goals. The community program, therefore, places a strategic emphasis on engaging and influencing the adult demographic, fostering a sense of responsibility and inspiring proactive changes in their daily habits.

Eco-Warriors: Nurturing Change through Action

Managed by PVFS, the Eco-Warriors program exemplifies our commitment to community involvement. Comprising 25 children from disadvantaged communities, their school fees are graciously covered by member donations. In return, these young Eco-Warriors, ranging from primary school age, dedicate up to 8 hours per month to participate in scheduled cleanups. This not only instills a sense of responsibility but actively involves the younger generation in tangible actions contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable Victoria Falls.

Building Tomorrow: Investing in Education and Action

In essence, our multifaceted approach recognizes that education and community engagement are inseparable from achieving our vision. By focusing on both the mindset shift through our doctrine document and fostering tangible action through programs like Eco-Warriors, we believe in not just cleaning our city today but sowing the seeds for a sustainable and vibrant tomorrow.


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