About Us

What we do now, and in the next few years, will profoundly affect the environmental and economic health of Victoria Falls in the future.

About Us

The Society Is Committed to the Following

  • Collectively take responsibility for clearing all litter within the City limits and from the roads leading to Victoria Falls Airport and the Zambian and Botswana borders and keeping them clean at all times.
  • Identify the core issues of how, why and where humans generate and dispose of all types of waste.
  • Change the culture of rubbish proliferation through accountability, example and education on the multiple benefits of a clean environment for ALL sectors of the Victoria Falls community.
  • Hold persistent rubbish dumpers to account and impose fines where necessary.
  • Work with relevant stakeholders on rubbish collection and disposal infrastructure.
  • Research, develop and promote re-cycling and eco-friendly practices together with organisations like Greenline Africa and other parties.

Broader Objectives


Upgrade the rubbish collection infrastructure.


Introduce and enforce laws targeting littering.


Upgrade and manage dumping sites.


Promote and develop recycling practices.


Reduce reliance on single-use plastics in the community.

How It Works

Who Manages The Society?


Key stakeholders

Currently there is a volunteer Management Committee of key stakeholders


For the Future

In time, a Permanent Manager will be appointed to coordinate and execute the goals of the Society.



Sub-Committees of Members will be formed to address specific projects such
as the maintenance of the rubbish tip, community awareness or recycling etc.

How It Works

The Method

All members are required to sign a Pledge whereby they commit to take personal responsibility for rubbish removal in an agreed area of the City.

Individual responsibility
Individual members may be asked to maintain no more than a 50 metre stretch of road.
Corporate Responsibility
Corporates and bigger organisations will be allocated larger, more complex areas.
membership accountability
Once signed up, member will be held fully accountable for keeping their areas litter-free at ALL times.
What we Monitor
The Committee will monitor the progress, success and failure of the above.