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Addressing Barriers: Challenges in Achieving a Clean, Green City

Our vision of a clean, green city faces formidable challenges, notably in the high-density suburbs where a majority of the population, supporting extended families on as little as $300 per month, struggles to afford essential waste receptacles like wheelie bins. Compounding this, the town council, operating with limited resources and a handful of rubbish trucks, faces challenges in executing regular house-to-house collections in these densely populated areas.

The Unfortunate Consequences: Resorting to Unsanitary Practices

Due to these constraints, households in high-density suburbs resort to burying rubbish in shallow pits or, more alarmingly, dumping waste in the bush. This practice not only jeopardizes environmental health but also poses serious challenges in a town frequented by wildlife, where animals, particularly baboons and elephants, are attracted to human-generated waste.

Wildlife Intrusion: A Complication in Waste Management

Baboons, though selective in their scavenging, often overturn bins, creating a messy aftermath. Elephants, guided by their acute olfactory senses, are drawn to plastic bags containing tempting morsels and, tragically, consume the entire bag, leading to potentially severe consequences. While recent fines aim to discourage such behavior, the lack of viable alternatives complicates the enforcement of penalties.

PVFS’s 2024 Initiative: Container Distribution and Waste Management

Looking ahead, one of PVFS’s primary initiatives for 2024 and beyond is the strategic distribution of container-sized cages in high-density suburbs, particularly areas frequented by elephants. The goal is ambitious yet essential: to place a cage or container within 500 meters of every home. This not only offers households a responsible alternative to bush dumping but also creates convenient collection points for the town council.

Wish List and Current Efforts: A Balancing Act

While the wish list includes more rubbish collection trucks for the town council, PVFS, at present, deploys a bakkie and a large trailer to assist with collection and transport to the municipal dump. Street collection remains at the core of PVFS’s mission, typically executed by a dedicated army of volunteers and members who generously contribute their time for daily cleanups.

Battling Unhygienic “Crime Scenes”: The Hit Squad Initiative

However, some areas, dubbed as “crime scenes” due to the prevalence of unhygienic and toxic waste, pose challenges for volunteer efforts. In response, Douglas Musiringofa, the passionate project manager, has spearheaded the creation of a small, full-time team known as “the hit squad.” Funded by donors, this team enthusiastically tackles the more challenging areas, demonstrating PVFS’s commitment to addressing even the most difficult aspects of waste management.


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