How It Works

Pristine Schools Awards (PriSA) is a competition involving 40 primary and secondary schools in Victoria Falls, encompassing approximately 1000 students. The primary goal of PriSA is to motivate schools to actively engage in maintaining cleanliness through effective solid waste and environmental management practices.

Participants are encouraged to conduct diverse environmental activities within their school premises. The incentive for these efforts includes prizes provided by tourism sector partners in Victoria Falls. Notably, winning school teams have the opportunity to enjoy various tourism activities.

The distinctive aspect of PriSA lies in the coveted green trophies awarded to the first and second place winners. Crafted by renowned artists from Elephant’s Walk, these trophies hold greater significance as they are crafted from recycled materials, specifically scrap materials and wire snares recovered from poaching activities in various national parks around Victoria Falls. This unique design not only symbolizes environmental sustainability but also actively contributes to addressing conservation issues in the region.

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Our Impact to Victoria Falls

Environmental Consciousness

The competition fosters a sense of environmental awareness and responsibility among students and participating schools.

Community Engagement

The collective efforts of students, teachers, and schools contribute to a broader community engagement in maintaining a healthy and environmentally conscious living space.

Tourism Sector Collaboration

The partnership with the tourism sector not only provides incentives for the winning schools but also strengthens collaboration between the education and tourism sectors in Victoria Falls.

Conservation through Art

By repurposing scrap materials and wire snares, the program raises awareness about poaching issues and emphasizes the importance of protecting wildlife in national parks around Victoria Falls.