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Advocating for a Cleaner, Greener City: Turning Words into Action

The vision of a cleaner, greener city resonates universally, transcending political affiliations and religious beliefs. It enjoys widespread support across all sectors of society, making it a shared objective with vast potential. However, the transformation from mere words to tangible action demands active and persistent campaigning.

Pristine Victoria Falls Society’s (PVFS) Role: A Catalyst for Change

Leveraging its voice and the legitimacy derived from its diverse membership, PVFS is committed to spearheading campaigns that advocate for legislation aligning with our aspiration to achieve the title of the cleanest city in Africa. The objective is not just to endorse platitudes but to instigate concrete measures that propel us closer to this lofty goal.

Global Inspiration and Local Imperative: Banning Single-Use Plastic

The notion of banning single-use plastic is not novel globally, and Rwanda, in particular, stands out for its remarkable strides in mitigating litter problems through such legislation. The evidence supporting the need for Zimbabwe to follow suit is unmistakable. Once-pristine roadsides have transformed into highways of litter and plastic, and our drainage systems and rivers grapple with the burden of plastic and toxic waste. The health risks are starkly illustrated by the 2024 cholera outbreak, a nationwide crisis with far-reaching consequences.

PVFS Action: A Call to Ban Single-Use Plastic

PVFS, backed by the removal of 5,000 bags of rubbish (equivalent to 100 tons) from Victoria Falls streets, recognizes that 75% of this waste is comprised of single-use plastic. Hence, the primary focus of our 2024 campaign and beyond is a resolute effort to garner support for legislation that bans all forms of single-use plastic.

Paving the Way: Victoria Falls as a Pilot Scheme

Given its high profile, modest population, and ecological sensitivity, PVFS proposes Victoria Falls as a pilot scheme. The vision is to institute an outright ban on all single-use plastic, envisioning the city as a test case that could set the precedent for a wider rollout across the country.

As we rally for legislative changes, PVFS remains steadfast in its commitment to transforming Victoria Falls into a shining example of environmental responsibility, where proactive measures, not just aspirations, shape the future.


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