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Embracing Civic Pride: PVFS and Our Collective Responsibility

Pristine Victoria Falls Society (PVFS) stands as a beacon of collective responsibility and civic pride in our community. Instead of placing blame solely on under-resourced city councils for the state of our environment, PVFS calls upon community members to actively participate in crafting the pristine green environment we collectively envision.

Nestled amidst the awe-inspiring beauty of one of the “natural 7 wonders of the world” and surrounded by the splendor of an African wildlife paradise, the Victoria Falls community carries an extra responsibility. It is our shared duty to preserve, protect, and uphold this unique locale in its most pristine state for the benefit of generations to come.

Becoming a member of PVFS is a straightforward commitment—simply sign a pledge. By doing so, individuals affirm their dedication to supporting the society’s goals and taking personal responsibility for ensuring the upkeep of a designated sector of the city in its pristine condition. This commitment could be as humble as maintaining 50 meters of public roadside outside one’s home or, for companies, institutions, and schools, a more substantial area.

The impact of our collective efforts is magnified as our membership base expands. Not only do we make a tangible difference on the ground, but our collective voice becomes more influential. PVFS believes in the power of community engagement, striving to empower every individual and entity in our community to actively contribute to the ongoing mission of preserving and enhancing the beauty of Victoria Falls. Together, we forge a path toward a more sustainable, pristine, and vibrant future.


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